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Customers Love Bruce

Have a look through some of my happy customer’s comments, testimonials, and letters of recommendation.

“On top of his seemingly limitless abilities, he is dependable. He returns calls, shows up as planned and on time”

“Bruce is prompt, skilled, precise and conscientious.”

“His work is of craftsmen quality, he takes great pride in doing fine, quality work”

“His assistance has been invaluable because he has many skills, and equally important. He is very responsible”

“I highly recommend him as a reliable, responsible, meticulous and congenial worker”

“Bruce is punctual, honest and pleasant to work with”

“I have found Bruce extremely thorough, with the highest of standards and always knew I could count on him to do exactly what he said he would do, when he said he would do it”

“Bruce is very versatile, he has picked up many skills and techniques in areas strictly outside of building and carpentry”

“I can assure you that his workmanship is precise, that he is a problem solver, is tidy, punctual, hardworking and reliable”

“He has excellent building skills and is particularly proficient and efficient with rough and finish carpentry.

“Your commitment to excellence and promptness is truly noteworthy”

“You were always punctual, courteous and responsible”

“He has a very calming personality and is very easy to get along with”

“I would highly recommend Bruce as reliable, responsible, and honest”

“Bruce is well-organized, punctual, has creative ideas and completes work quickly, has the amazing array of tools in van”

“I heartily recommend your expertise to anyone requiring the services of an experienced and knowledgeable finish carpenter”

“The work is always done expediently, neatly and the area is left clean”

“He’s ingenious and energetic, easy to work with and cheerful”

“I can attest to his honesty, skill and ability to work with you to define and complete a construction project”

“I found him to be diligent in communications with me, he showed up on time, and the quality of his work was superb”

“Mr. Drummond returned all calls in a timely fashion, appeared on time for each appointment, listened to our concerns and discussed all of our options to resolve our problem giving careful attention to our needs “

“He approaches each task with an intimate knowledge, patience and professionalism that I greatly appreciated.”

“Bruce did a very good job. I would highly recommend him and his work”

“He was always on time to the job site and worked in a timely and dependable manner”

“I have recommended Bruce to many friends as reliable, responsible, meticulous and trustworthy”

“He is a competent remodeler and works great individually, or as part of a team.”

“I found him to be a highly skilled carpenter and a hard, diligent worker.”

“He has consistently proven himself to be reliable and hardworking… and usually arrives well before starting time.”

“Among his attributes are dedication, commitment, and reliability.”

His workmanship was both beautiful and impeccable and to say that we were pleased would be an understatement! He approached each task with patience, good humor, and professionalism.”

“Bruce is the right person to do your work. He is honest, absolutely reliable, and a highly skilled craftsman.”

“While Bruce does quality work, he is also practical and remains aware of costs.”

“If I had to describe Bruce in one word, it would be ‘reliable’… He completes his job honestly with no mess to clean up.”

“He is a punctual, courteous, honest hard worker.”

“Bruce has continually proven his reliability and promptness in a market best known for the abundance of unreliable and unskilled craftsmen.”

I stand in awe of Bruce Drummond’s down to earth approach and clear work ethic. He has the ability to view things ‘Outside of the box’ which saved me valuable time and expense…”

When it came time to remodel my home I knew I would require the help of a real craftsman. Bruce shows pride in his work by getting it right, a perfectionist. He is punctual, knowledgeable and skilled in his work. I would recommend Bruce Drummond without reservation.”

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