Welcome to my online home. My name is Bruce and I’m the Small Job Guru. Whatever your home needs, I’m the man to help you see it done. If you own a home you’ve probably encountered a really thorny puzzle. There are contractors. They’re just the right people for medium to large home projects employing one to many highly skilled workers. For this man’s expertise you’ll pay top dollar. On the other hand there are day workers you can pick up outside of Home Depot. These folks are just perfect for unskilled small home projects. They’re men who’ll work very hard, but who have limited skills and little training. Thankfully they’re inexpensive. Their problem is you can’t really expect more than general yard and home cleanup from them.

There’s a whole world of home projects that need the hand of a more seasoned worker. You need someone who’s highly skilled and has a great reputation. You want someone with tons of experience in home improvement. Most of all, you need someone who’s committed to charging a reasonable price for a small to medium sized project. You need a Small Job Guru. You need me.

I have a lifetime of Home Improvement experience with a specialization in finish carpentry. That means I can do superb masonry, dry wall, sheet rock, brick work, tiling, flooring, decking, cabinetry, and every bit of the wood working you might need in your home project. When it comes to Small Home Jobs, there’s a pretty good chance I can do it, and do it well.

The key aspect that makes me a guru is my commitment to customer satisfaction. I have one of the highest ratings available on Angie’s List (we’ve won awards for being in the top of both Handymen and Carpenters categories for three years standing. That’s six separate awards to date.) More important, that top ranking is purely a result of customer review. We place in or above the top 5% of all contractors.

In keeping with my commitment to your satisfaction, I promise to tell you if there’s a job for which I’m not suited. Because I have a long history in the area, I can say with almost complete certainty that I know someone who can do what you need. I’m happy to refer a great professional who I know from experience will do a great job. Make yourself at home on my webpage, look around and see if there’s anything that you like or need and then just contact me. Got a small job problem? Call the Small Job Guru.